Spanish summer camp in Spain - Huesca International Camp

Daily Programme

Huesca International Camp

08:00 h. Buenos días.
Get up, wash and tidy your room.
08:30 h. A good desayuno before starting a very busy day.
09:00 h. Clase de español.
You learn structures and vocabulary needed to be able to communicate in Spanish.
10:00 h. Clase de español.
Spanish culture workshop: you find out about festivals, customs and traditions in Spain.
11:00 h. Clase de español.
Conversation and oral comprehension. Use of Spanish. You will work on a project on “Ecology in everyday life”.
12:00 h. Piscina y deporte.
You can have a dip in the pool and play sports: water polo, tennis, frontón, baseball…
13:30 h. La comida.
Wash your hands. It's lunchtime! You must clean your teeth afterwards.
14:30 h. Communication time (mobile phones, e-mails, letters…).
Ping-pong, darts, chess and board-game tournaments…
15:00 h. Talleres on the environment. You will learn about renewable energy, you will make a terrarium, recycle paper, make soap, do experiments…
17:00 h. Time for a bocadillo
Taller on IT. You can post your day's experiences up on the camp blog.
18:00 h. Piscina y deporte.
You can go back to the pool to improve your swimming technique and practice diving. Afterwards, you can choose between orienteering or field races.
19:30 h. La ducha
20:00 h. A nutritious cena to restore your strength, in the company of our monitors. In Spanish, please!
21:00 h. Actividades de noche.
Games and camp songs, films, karaoke, races, fancy dress party, treasure hunt, meet the stars, talent competition…
22:30 h. ¡Buenas noches!

¡A dormir!

Bilingual summer camp in Spain - Huesca International Camp
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