Spanish summer camp in Spain - Huesca International Camp

Those who have had the chance to see the Earth from space say that the feeling defies words, so beautiful is it, and such brilliant colours. The huge green expanse of the Amazon can bee seen from up there, along with the deep blue patches of the oceans and the high mountain peaks. The future of our planet, hard hit by myriad outside forces, lies with the young people, the sensitivity and creativity they show in regaining the beauty of the world, and their awareness when transforming it into a brilliant world of green.

A Green World

A space for Spanish in the environment.
Enjoy your summer in Spanish!

Learning methodology


Students will develop their language skills communicatively.
Summer camp facilities


The main facilities are 3 kilometres outside the town
of Huesca.



Bilingual summer camp in Spain - Huesca International Camp
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Inglés en campamento de verano - Camp d'eté à l'Espagne

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